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Cameron, Arizona
Navajo Nation USA
(928) 679-2031
Discover the beauty and tradition of a Navajo-made log hogan - the 8-sided traditional home of the Dine’ people for generations.

Born from Navajo Tradition

Our Ceremonial Hogan
“The Little Colorado”
549 sq ft

Log Homes

Our Story

Creating Homes & Jobs - Saving Forests & Traditions
Since 2001, SouthWest Tradition Log Homes has been creating homes, timber products and jobs for the Dine’ people in Arizona, primarily from restoring local forests back to their natural conditions.
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With Green-Building Technology and Saving Forests built right in.

Navajo-made log homes, created in our log home factory right next to the Grand Canyon in Cameron, Arizona. Native American majority-owned and operated.

Log Home Building - Timber - Forest Products
Our state-of-the art factory produces an extensive line of forest products and custom orders:

Log Home Products
- Rounded & Shaped Logs
- Vegas
- Rounded Posts & Poles
- Log Home Sealants


Made for the toughest Arizona Conditions
Our home packages are designed to meet the extreme heat and cold conditions of our high desert elevations.  We also meet HUD specs for lenders requirements.

Forest & Timber Products
- Posts & Beams
- Sawn & Milled Dimensional
- Fencing, Railings
- Firewood & Sawdust
- More

Build Your Own Log Home Kits & Products
- Traditional-Style Navajo 8-Sided Log Hogan Kits
- Conventional Log Home Kits
- Log & Timber Products

Navajo & Conventional Log Home Kits
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How to contact us:

Email Us: info@swtloghomes.com

Phone Us: (928) 679-2031

Come By: Cameron, Arizona - Navajo Nation, USA